Vaginal Bleaching With Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream

Vaginal Bleaching


Vaginal bleaching is one of the latest beauty trends involving women who bleach the skin surrounding the vagina area for an even and lighter skin tone. The procedure is not as frightening as it sounds, as the bleaching agents used contain natural ingredients such as kojic acid which is used in the rice fermentation process as well as in a wide range of cosmetic and food products. Kojic acid is a safe way to lighten your skin complexion. You can bleach your vagina or anus at a spa; however, if you are on a tight budget there are products such as Epibright intimate lightening cream that you can use at home. It is called “Intimate lightening cream” because you can also use it for nipple bleaching and anal bleaching.


Epibright intimate lightening cream is a bleaching agent developed by dermatologists. The product assists in the removal of an uneven skin tone to create a brighter lighter area matching the rest of your complexion. One of the major benefits of the product is that it does not contain any harsh chemicals thatanal bleaching dry out the skin. When deciding to use a product on such sensitive areas, this is a feature that you can certainly appreciate.


Epibright is one of the best selling skin lightning creams on the market due to its natural ingredients comprising of a range of herbal extracts which have no side effects. The two main ingredients are alpha arbutin and kojic acid. They are highly effective skin lightening agents that have been rigorously tested for their safety.

Alpha arbutin prohibits the activity of tyrosinase within the body. Tyrosinse is responsible for melanin production. Kojic acid is a natural product that works in a similar way to hydroquinone to lighten the skin without the harsh side effects such as burning and skin irritation.

Epibright also contains kojic dipalmitate which is a binding agent. It causes the cream to bind to the skin giving it more time to penetrate the cells, making the results more effective.
Other natural ingredients include mulberry and bearberry extracts which also contain skin lightening properties. Epibright also contains Melissa officinalis balm and licorice, both of which decrease the risk of skin irritation and soothes the skin.


This is a genuine question, especially when using it as an anal bleaching cream, nipple bleaching, and vaginal bleaching cream. However, due to its natural ingredients there have been no reported cases of adverse reactions to the product. Epibright is 100 percent natural and hypoallergenic. It does not contain the popular bleaching agent hydroquinone because it has been linked to conditions such as liver, kidney damage.


Now that I have answered all of your questions in this Epibright intimate lightening cream review why not buy the product for yourself. A review is always going to contain some helpful information, but until you purchase the product, and use it personally, you are always going to be left wondering if it really works.
Make your purchase today and experience the extraordinary transformation that Epibright lightening cream will provide.

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