Nootropics – Brain Enhancing Supplements

What You Ought to Know About Brain Enhancing Supplements

brain enhancing supplements – In the current world, we live in, competition is very stiff. If you need to stay ahead of the competition, you require to reason and think faster and in a better way. You need to have an attentive brain, improved Brain Enhancing Supplementsfocus, enhanced concentration and prolonged attention durations.

Human beings desire for better things, and that`s normal. One of the most valued “things” is better cognitive abilities. Moreover, research has shown of a perfect synergy between brainpower and wealth. This has made people turn to science for brain enhancing supplements.

Nootropics are brain enhancing supplements. They are a class of natural occurring substances that assist the body in cognitive abilities. The neuroenhancement drugs were discovered in the 1960s and the extensive research behind the drugs show they enhance many key areas of cognitive abilities.

How Nootropics Function

Simply put, Nootropics affect the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. They interact with different neural systems of the brain to boost the efficiency of the systems leading to improved cognitive abilities.

It`s imperative for to-be users to note that taking nootropics will not make one an instant genius. That you`ll be able to handle hard-core calculus and draw and design like Davinci. Not at all. The smart drugs only enhance working memory, improve memory retain, enhance learning and increase attention, thus making you look smarter. It also takes a time to achieve results.


1) L-Theanine

Found in green tea and mushrooms. It helps in reducing anxiety and improve learning.

2) Adrafinil

It`s an energy boosting drug.

3) Pramiracetam

Enhances memory and expands learning.

4) Modafinil

This is the most powerful and should be taken with caution. It enhances alertness and fights sleep.

5) Noopept

It`s considered as the best. It can help in advanced logical thinking, improved learning ability and overall increased cognitive performance.

A drug is categorized as a nootropic if it wholly develops the general well-being plus the brain over period of time. Some substances also affect the nervous system such as caffeine, cannabis or nicotine, but cannot rightly be classified as nootropic. Nootropics are seen to be more of nutrients than drugs.


Most of the nootropics have very mild side effects. However, when buying approach the process with caution. Nonetheless, the usage of the smart drugs has spread on a global scale. Many people are getting to know of the awesome health benefits accrued to the drug.

This, underlines the importance of buying the drug, whether online or from your chemist.




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