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NuvoCig  E-Cigarettes – Reviews and Where to Buy Them

Ever since people became aware of the serious consequences of smoking a few years ago, they have found quitting smoking hard. Companies have been releasing and manufacturing smoking cessation products for decades now. From gums to nicotine patches, smoking addicts have been using them to quit their habit.

1. What is NuvoCig:

NuvoCig is perhaps the oldest e-cigarette brand in the United States. From the very inception, it establishes itself as an effective and cheap alternative to the most famous brands available in the market. With its brand new steel-tinged cartridges and batteries, Nuvo Cig e-cigarettes have more aesthetic appeal. The price starts at $25 and includes a full one year warranty.

2. The Electronic Cigarette Review:

At least two points are strongly in favor of NuvoCig. The batteries look fine and work extremely well. Although the stainless steel body might not be everyone’s preference but most prefer it over the traditional white and black batteries that most companies still offer. The Cartridges taste fine and works well. They are also tightly sealed to prevent the liquid from leaking.
There are no negative points to write about these e-cigarettes at all. NuvoCig works well, taste well and looks fine. Although these are the best e cigarettes available in the market, it is difficult one to recommend unless you are willing to research around a bit for a better price and quality.

3. Where to Buy E Cigarettes:

Where to buy e-cigarettes is perhaps the most important question that people ask. You can purchase these cigarettes from the chemists, retail stores, and online shopping stores. There are thousands of e-cigarette retailers and you can search on the Internet to find those who are nearest to you. You can also explore online stores on beauty and health category.
As Nuvo Cig e-cigarettes are becoming more popular, they are increasingly used in the clubs and pubs with a smoking ban. These cigarettes seem to be the next real thing and will soon replace the real cigarettes in the world.

Electronic Cigarette Review


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